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What can I use to seal the edges of MDF?

Fantastic Fill has > 60% solids and is sag resistant allowing thicker coats to be applied with out runs or sags. The high solids content efficiently fills the porous MDF edges once efficient sanding has been carried out.

Can Hesse Natural Oils be overcoated?

Yes we recommend overcoating with the PURA range of products to improve the chemical and water resistance of the Hesse Natural Oils in high traffic areas.

Can Hesse PU Multicoat be overcoated with an Acid Catalysed Lacquer?

Whilst we do not recommend intermixing different paint systems , Hesse Fantastic Fill  can be overcoated with an AC topcoat.

What are the differences between AC and PU topcoats?

AC products have lower solids , chemical and water resistance and are more prone to yellowing than PU Topcoats. PU Topcoats also have superior abrasion resistance.

Can Water Based HYDRO Stain be overcoated with a Solvent based topcoat?

Yes , after 4 – 6 hours drying the stain can be overcoated with most Hesse Topcoats to protect the stain.

Can the differenct Hesse Oil Colours be intermixed?

Yes , you can blend different Oil colours to yield a different new colour , but only if the Oil hardener has not been added to either Oil.

What can I use to fill imperfections in my MDF?

We recommend a 2K PE Kniffing Putty to fill large imperfections prior to priming and topcoating

Can I polish the Hesse PU Gloss topcoat?

Yes , a range of cutting and polishing compounds can be used to polish the Hesse High Gloss if imperfections due to spraying are evident.

Can you use the Hesse Multicoat products for exterior furniture?

No these are internal coatings only. Please use the Speciality Coatings exterior range of coatings for exterior applications.

Can I use lacquer thinners with the Hesse PU range?

Absolutely not. The use of any solvent other than Hesse 2K Thinners affects the crosslinking and final performance of the topcoat.

What sealer do I use on Oak Veneer to be overcoated with Hesse PU Multicoat Clear?

Hesse Multicoat clear PU acts as a sealer and topcoat in one so no sealer is required. We recommend a minimum 2 coat application for an open grain look or a 4 coat application for a closed grain effect.

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