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Paint Express Color Center

Need a competent partner when it comes to designing individual colour schemes for furniture and interior fittings? A partner with creative advice who determines and quickly delivers your colour tones?

Your Paint Express Color Center has 20,000 formulations and provides you with an almost unlimited variety of tones on the most diverse colour cards! It allows you to nuance your selected colour tone to your individual specifications! Precision, speed and ease of use are what count when mixing colour. Our mixing systems and mix configurations take account of all these factors.

Our latest mixing systems and software solutions guarantee that your colour tones are reproducible. Your dealer will deliver each colour tone to you at any time in the desired amount. Our colour lacquers are either reliably mixed using the Paint Express Flexi Mix mixing rack and a classic lacquer-in-lacquer production process.

Or even more simply with our fully automatic Paint Express Profi Mix paste mixing system:

  • Precise
  • Fast
  • Always reproducible
  • Virtually every colour tone
  • Opaque or transparent

Paint Express Stain Mix

You can use our stain mix system not only to produce virtually all standard Hesse stain tones, e,g, from stain sample cards, but also to produce set colour tones from other colour tone ranges.

All colour and pigment concentrates, binders and additives required for you to produce these stains are amalgamated into one basic range. Your support dealer can use the Paint Express Stain Mix system to quickly and reliably supply you with a broad palette of stains coordinated to your bare wood.

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