DeckCote is a natural Oil based deck preservative to enhance and protect hard and softwood decking from UV . Water and general wear and tear underfoot.



DeckCote contains both UV stabilisers and UV resistant pigments to filter out UV light , prolonging the life span of the coating. Water resistance is achieved from both natural oils and water repellent waxes incorporated into the product. Protection from borer, beetle and fungal attack is achieved with a broad spectrum fungicide and pesticide. There is minimal alkyd in the product which prevents flaking and cracking of the final coating finish. This is a natural oil finish which requires regular maintenance.

New Timber

  1. Sand timber with 180 to 220 grit sandpaper .
  2. Ensure all timber is clean and free from grease and dust.
  3. If pressure treatment residue is present , please wash with white spirits prior to sanding.

Previously Painted Surfaces

  1. It is not advisable to coat previously varnished surfaces as the Oil Preservative will not penetrate into the timber evenly or sufficiently enough. Patchiness of colour and poor adhesion may result.
  2. Wipe and sand old unknown oil based finishes with a 220 grit sandpaper prior to application.
  3. To re apply DeckCote simply wipe the existing surface clean and apply a maintenance coat of DeckCote by brush , rag or roller application.


  1. All substrates should be clean, dry, sound and free of contamination before painting.\
  2. Natural oils require maintenance to replenish the oil and UV sunscreen additives.
  3. Natural oils are spontaneously combustible – dispose of application rags or brushes in water.
  4. Areas around swimming pools may require maintenance more frequently than other areas due to the aggressive nature of pools acids , ash or chlorine combined with water.


Ready to use. Brush , roller or airless spray application. Apply 2 coats allowing 6 – 8 hours drying at 23 deg C in between coats.




White , Ebony , Driftwood Grey , Ash Grey , Imbuia , Teak and Light Oak

5lt, 20lt, 200lt

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