Hesse High Gloss

Dual-component polyurethane lacquer on a polyester resin basis, pigmented, dries to brilliant, can be polished or buffed for coloured and closed-pore build up of lacquer coats. Available in almost all colours. Additionally IMO certified (flame-retardant coating material for seagoing vessels). The product fulfils the requirements for Flame retardancy according to DIN 4102 B1 in combination with DP 4791-9343.



Mixing ratio (by volume) 2 : 1 PUR Hardener DR 4080

For all interior designs, including high use areas, like kitchen and bathroom and as a piano coating on PUR-filler primers. Not suitable for use in applications covered by the ChemVOCFarbV (Decopaint-Directive) or EU Directive 2004/42/EG (Decopaint).

  • Impressive lacquer distribution
  • Dries to be particularly brilliant
  • Can be polished and buffed with very little effort

Surface preparation

Clean with a sanding pass on film and melamine.

Substrate sanding grits from-to

Grit 320 -400 (ply, melamin, filler coated substrates)

Intermediate lacquer sanding (grits) from-to

400 – 800


On your own, immediately after an intensive sanding.



Processing instructions

1 to 4 coats at 70 – 130 g/m² on matching, hardened polyurethane primers after a previous fine sanding. The maximum overall applications amount to 350 g/m².

PU lacquers should not be applied and dried at material and room-temperatures below 18 °C and 40 % RH. Ideal values are: 20 – 25 °C, 50 – 65 % RH. Deviations will result in drying or hardening errors. In order to avoid adhesion problems, please sand the PU lacquered surfaces before applying fresh lacquer and apply lacquer to the sanded surfaces as soon as possible. Old lacquer and hardener mixtures affect the surface quality (adhesion/resistance). Freshly bleached substrates must undergo intermediate drying for at least 48 h at 20 °C before coating with suitable PU lacquers.

If stored correctly (at least 20 °C room temperature), the final hardness of the coating is achieved after a week.

Please apply a test coat under real conditions!

Particular instructions
Please also observe the separate technical information on the subject “Polishing/Buffing”. Depending on the required surface finish and backing material, pre-priming is possible, for instance with Hesse PURsealing filler DP 4791-9343 or Hesse PUR-sealing filler DP 4791-9005. An intermediate coat of Hesse PUR-coloured lacquer DB 45245-FT applied in the same colour as the selected Hesse PUR brilliant lacquer DB 44099-FT, between filler and high gloss coating, greatly improves the outcome of the high-gloss structure!





DB 44099-9005


high gloss

1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 25 l

DB 44099-9010


high gloss

1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 25 l

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