Cleaning and care products for parquet and wooden floors, that are pH neutral and based on biodegradable surfactants.



For parquet and wooden floors, as well as laminates, PVC, tiles and plastic surfaces. Not suitable for mirrors, marble or non-slip surfaces.

  • water-dilutable parquet care products,
  • good care effects, even at low concentrations,
  • biodegradable.

Surface preparation

Remove adhering particles from the surface to be cleaned with a cloth or a soft brush. For basic cleaning of water-soluble soiling, add Hesse INTENSIVECLEANER PR 91 or Hesse REMOVER OS 5600 to the cleaning water and use
this to clean the floor.

For regular cleaning add it to the cleaning water. Wipe this solution damp, not wet. The surface is cleaned and maintained in one operation.. Maintenance or regular cleaning and care: For lesser soiling, dilute the cleaner in water at a ratio of 1 : 100 (100 ml to 10 l of water). Intensive cleaning: For heavy soiling or for more intensive care mix up to at most 1 : 10 (100 ml to 1 l of water). Stain removal: for coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, urine and blood – PR 90 somewhat diluted with water.

Cleaning and care instructions: Please observe the care instructions according to DIN 18356. Wipe parquet with a slightly damp but not wet cloth. Please use only neutral, silicone-free, ammonia free and non-abrasive cleaners. Regular care and cleaning with Hesse PROTECT-CLEANER PR 90 and Hesse INTENSIVE-CLEANER PR 91 increases the life of the sealing.

Keep locked away and out of the reach of children! Containers should only be put out for recycling when they have been completely emptied.




PR 90


1 l, 25 l

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