A highly effective, water-based cleaning concentrate, for removing old care products from sealed parquet and wooden floors.



Removes residues of Hesse AQUA-REFRESHER, PROTECT-CLEANER and similar care products, as well as stubborn stains and footprints.

  • water-dilutable and thus very economical
  • highly effective
  • strong cleaning power

Surface preparation

Remove adhering particles from the surface to be cleaned with a cloth or a soft brush.


After complete drying of the residue-free cleaned surface, a new care treatment or suitable surface treatment is required! The surface must be absolutely dry before further work with care products or suitable surface treatments; recommendation: If possible, leave to dry overnight at 20°C with adequate air circulation. Final treatment: after correct pre-treatment, surface coating with customer-specific products.

Einschichtiger Auftrag. Hesse REMOVER OS 5600 is diluted with water according to the degree of soiling and the surface to be cleaned is wiped evenly damp. Initial cleaning: approx. 1 l of Hesse REMOVER OS 5600 to 5 l of cleaning water. Mop the floor with this cleaning solution and leave to infiltrate for 5 minutes. The application quantity and infiltration time should be gauged so that no swelling of the wood occurs! Then mop the surface again with clean water to remove the dissolved coating and any potential remover residue. Make sure that the surface does not get too wet during mopping!

Distribute uniformly thinly over the floor with a suitable mop, or similar. Alternatively, after applying the cleaning solution and the appropriate infiltration time, it is also possible to work with a single-disc orbital sander with white pad, to remove the dirt. Here to the floor must then be cleaned with clear water to ensure that all the dirt is removed. When large amounts or care product residues or other contamination are to be removed, this procedure can be repeated if necessary.




OS 5600



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